How works private plane hire?

A common practice is to private plane hire through large travel agencies. A tour operator enters into a contract with an airline to rent a plane. The office chooses any date and route, the flight is not registered in the regular flight schedule. Most often, passenger planes are chartered by travel agencies to organize a trip and the flight is included in its package.
Sometimes there are a few empty seats left on such a flight like private plane hire. This is an opportunity for individual customers who do not use the services of a travel agency – they can fly much cheaper by chartering a plane. The price of such a ticket is several times lower, and it is available for purchase just a few days before departure. The airline wants to fill the plane to cover the cost of the rental itself, so they lower the ticket prices.
Another case of private plane hire is the chartering of a plane by a private person. Anyone can charter a plane to travel anywhere – if they can afford it. This is associated with convenience, because the plane departs from the airport indicated by the passenger, at the time specified by him, and formalities related to check-in and waiting are reduced to a minimum. This is often used by customers traveling for business purposes like private plane hire who can afford to charter planes. How much does it cost to hire a plane?